Area: 196,722km² (178Hong Kong )
Capital: Dakar
administrative regions: 14 regions (Regions)
Population: 1,260 Wan (July 2010 est.)
age distribution: 0-14 years old 43.3%; 15-64 years 53.9%; 65 years of age or above 2.9%
belief: Muslim 94%;Catholic 4%; Protestant 0.14%; indigenous beliefs 1%
Language: French (official language); Wolof (local language)


National Flag

Green: State agriculture, plants and forest
Yellow: abundant natural resources
Red: to fight for the blood of the martyrs of independence
*:African freedom


Senegal (Senegal) in most countries in the African continent west of the capital, Dakar (Dakar). The country is divided into 11 administrative regions, 34 provinces. Although Senegal can be regarded as very few enjoy the freedom to preach the gospel of Muslim countries, there is freedom of religion. However, have a population of 13 million in 94% of the population are Muslim , evangelical Christians are few ( 0.14% ), approximately 18,000 people, more than ten million are still waiting for the salvation of lost souls. Since independence from France in 1960 so far, is still a young developing country, the disparity grim , many of the urban poor and rural residents have no income, on education, health and livelihood of the people is still a great need.

Ministries Introduction

Educational Ministries

43% of the national population total population 15 years of age . Although the country has already implemented plug universal education , but unfortunately the generally low level of education , street children remains a serious problem , there are many rural school-age children did not receive formal education , so that the problem of illiteracy continue to extend . And the current national unemployment rate is still high , live below the poverty line and more of the population to 54 %. AGS Senegal Team ( Senegal Team ) in addition to the assistance offered Bambey church library , also sent an international co-worker at times distant villages to assist teaching, the kids look forward to the opportunity to get high-quality Christian education.

Medical Ministries

Medical aspects of government lack of funding , a serious shortage of health care staff , lack of medical facilities and medicines so simple cause great problems , so there are a lot of voluntary organizations set up clinics and health centers , community needed to be huge . The Senegal team short-term workers will go to the hospital to serve as volunteers to help care.

Chinese Ministries

As the political and social stability in Senegal, more and more Serbian business from China are participating in infrastructure projects and developing new markets in Senegal. The Chinese population has more than four thousand people (2017 Est.), of which only a very small number of Christians. Among the countries of West Africa, there is no Chinese Church. Senegal team began in March 2012, every second and fourth Sunday afternoon fellowship with Chinese people , and through weekly visits sermons, led people to the Lord. Starting from November 12, 2017 they have a weekly Sunday Service for the Chinese speaking Christians to worship God.

If you want to join our meeting, please contact us, WeChat id:DKRChineseFellowship;phone number: +221 77 809 61 15, Location link:

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