2017 Cambodia STM sharing – Rachel Leung

This is my second short term missionary trip to Cambodia. It was amazing to see how God developed this country and continued to touch more hearts. Staying here for 3 weeks was not a very long time, yet it gave me a lot of inspiration.  Comparing to 4 years ago (2013), which was the first time I went for a short term missionary trip, Phnom Penh improved so much. Buildings are constructing in a rapid speed, inflation is speeding up, western style cafes are becoming more popular, and the whole city is getting more international.  Only looking at the capital city, I can tell it has such potential to continue to develop, in terms of economics, education, health, infrastructure, etc.  God is blessing this country.

In terms of mission, my team and I mainly served in a primary school in Pailin. We taught students English through story telling, gave health and nutrition talks, played games and sport activities, introduced HK, and shared stories of ourselves.  After school, we participated in a youth fellowship, which involved mostly secondary students. We lead bible studies using interesting ways such as trivia and mini dramas, hoping that they will be more interested in learning the bible. We also visited a church to share testimonies and did children programs.

I chose to serve here for 3 weeks because I am on the last long holiday during my university period. It is meaningful to put caring in action, to influence lives of another nation in person.  In an interview session, a P6 student from my class call Sonary got asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?” She answered “accountant”. The interviewer asked “how do you know the word accountant?” Sonary answered “because teacher Rachel told us she studies accounting when she introduced herself in the first lesson”.  Not only I was happy that she remembered the concept of accounting, I was even more amazed that the little piece of new concept gave her a new life goal.  My story influenced my students more than I thought.

Another influence made was that students were more interested in reading English story books after my team and I brought English story telling into classrooms.  I remembered vividly that after another class of story telling, the school came to recess time. A student immediately went over to back of the classroom, where the bookshelf is, and looked through English storybooks. This normally does not happen. I was very impressed to see how English story telling influenced students by giving them interest in reading English books.  They are a group of potential and talented children, may God continue to bring educational resources in and develop them into future human resources of the country.

A breakthrough of mine during this trip is leading bible study. I used to hate leading bible study so I would avoid it every time. This time, I stepped out from my comfort zone. Our team leader, pastor Jojo, taught me how to set up study questions. Another team member, Sarah, gave me suggestions on activities. It turned out to be not as hard as I thought. The youth group enjoyed the sessions and learnt more about the passages. Messages were delivered smoothly.  This improvement encouraged me. Not only that leading bible study benefits others, but I also found myself understanding and remembering the messages more than I thought.  I am now willing to take up future bible study leading roles.

In 2014, I promised God in a missionary themed conference (青年宣教大會) that I am ready to be called to be a missionary anytime. Ever since then, I’ve been waiting for God’s calling. At the same time, I have been paying attention to different opportunities that may possibly bring me to become a missionary.  This trip to Cambodia is one of the follow up actions I took after 2014. God gave me more understanding about this country’s culture and religious background. The Holy Spirit continued to touch me for having a heart to serve in this country.

In the future, I am willing to pay more attention to missionaries and ministries around the world, especially in South East Asia and Cambodia. Visiting and praying for them gives them a lot of encouragement.  In terms of daily life, I will continue to glorify God’s name by serving those around me. Sharing love and happiness to the ones I love is my life-long goal. I will pray for those who have not accepted the gospel yet. At the same time, I will act Christ like and be Christ like, to show others the qualities of a disciple. I want to use my life to influence lives of others. My friends and family around me who are still non-believers are my harvest target.