High school building project in Pailin, Cambodia


The mission strategy of the Kowloon Tong Church of the CC&MA is to evangelize through establishing schools, and therefore Alliance Global Serve, being an organization that has grown from the denomination, has built Borhuy AGS Primary School and Kindergarten in Cambodia in the past decade. There have already been four years of graduates up till now, and the number of graduates is continuously growing.

There is an urgent need in building a Christian high school,
* so that not only can the graduates from the primary school …

  • continue their studies, and enhance their future career capability and opportunity, so that they can get rid of poverty
  • have a stronger foundation in faith during their formative teenage years, so that they may become devoted Christians

but they themselves, their families and their community could also be transformed by God’s grace as a result.

Fund-raising goals:

  1. Completion of Purchase of  Land. Area: 13,500 m2~2.5 million(Reached)
  2. Construction items (Land Survey, Design, Plans, Building) ~ HK$20 Million
  3. Operation (Administration, Facilities, Teaching Materials, Staff) ~ HK$10 Million

*Conservative estimates