2020-10-18 at 15:00:00

2020 Short – Term Ministry Leadership Training

Date :  Oct 18 (Sun)

Time : 3:00 -6:00pm

Venue : Kowloon Tong Church of the CC&MA

Fee :  HK$100

Application Deadline :  3 days before each event

Content :Understand the role & responsibility of a Leader ; How to organize the trip schedule, handle administrative issues and crisis management ; Case studies.

Target :Pastors/Ministers, Church leaders, Mission department members and experienced STM members.

“Short-Term Ministry Basic Training” is a prerequisite for participating the Leadership Training. To receive a certificate for this training, the trainees need to participate in one of the STM as a leader ( or deputy) after the completion of the training. Trainees also have to submit a report after the STM within a month.

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