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Senegal is the westernmost country on the African continent and its capital is Dakar. Senegal is one of the very few Muslim countries that enjoys freedom of worship and the freedom to evangelise. However, 95.4% of its 16.2 million people are Muslim. Although the Paris Mission sent the first Christian missionary to Senegal in 1863, there are still only 0.15% of evangelicals – about 24,300 people – and fewer than 50 evangelical churches, with more than 15 million lost souls still waiting for salvation.

Since independence from France in 1960, the country is still a young and developing country with a wide gap   between the rich and the poor, with many of the urban poor and rural dwellers having no income and still in great need of education, health care and livelihood.

At the end of 2011, AGS started to send International Members to the country to work in the fields. Currently, 1 International Members are committed to serving the local people and the Chinese through medical and village evangelism, supporting educational work and Chinese evangelism, and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Senegal Ministry

Ministry Introduction

Education Ministry

Children under the age of 15 make up 41.7% of the population. Although education for all has been in place for a long time, the standard of education is generally low and the problem of street children and child labourers being out of school is very serious, while many children of school age in rural areas do not receive formal education, thus extending the problem of illiteracy. The unemployment rate in the country is still high, with 47% of the population living below the poverty line. In addition to supporting a rural Christian primary school in Lac Rose, AGS is currently working with a partner to build a school in a village in the Mbuhl area hoping that children may have access to quality Christian education.

Village Evangelism

Through evangelistic visits, biblical teaching, discipleship training and helping to improve people’s lives, villagers are given the opportunity to hear the Gospel and make disciples.

Chinese Ministry

Due to the political and social stability in Senegal, more and more Chinese companies are coming to Senegal to do business, develop new markets and participate in infrastructure projects, and the Chinese population is around 4,000 (official figures for 2017), of which there are only a small number of Christians. There is currently not even a single Chinese Christian church in any of the many countries in West Africa. Since March 2012, the Senegal team has been meeting every second and fourth Sunday afternoon for Chinese fellowship, and leading people to Christ through weekly visitation evangelism. Since November 12, 2017, there has been a Chinese worship every Sunday so that believers can worship God in their own language.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact us on WeChat id: DKRChineseFellowship; Tel: +221 77 809 61 15, Location: Dakar

Praise & Prayer:

  1. Give thanks for the opportunity to build a school in the village. Pray that the project may go smoothly that more people may have the opportunity to hear the Good News.
  2. Pray for the shortage of workers to serve in the workshop.

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