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The Kingdom of Cambodia is a country with a population of 15 million (2012 census) and its capital at Phnom Penh. It is located in the southern portion of the Indochina Peninsula in Southeast Asia, bordered by Thailand to the west and northwest, Laos to the northeast, Vietnam to the east and the Gulf of Thailand to the southwest.

Cambodia has been devastated by civil war in the seventies and is now in the process of nation rebuilding. Over 80% of its population believes in Buddhism. There is a tremendous need for the gospel. In the 1970s, there were coups among the ruling party, Khmer Rouge, and civil wars in the country, it has nearly wiped out a generation of prime age intellectuals and has brought immense suffering to the people of Cambodia. Kowloon Tong Church of the Chinese Christian and Missionary Alliance(KTAC) has been participating in different restoration projects in the villages and towns in its capital, Phnom Penh and other provinces such as church planting, school education and theology training. There is a rapid development in the economy of Cambodia; however, most of the population are still living in poverty. Many children discontinued schooling. Alliance Global Serve (AGS) is now carrying the torch passed on by the KTAC to continue to develop the chances to evangelize through running schools and serving the churches in Cambodia.


Pailin is a province in western Cambodia at the edge of the mountains connecting to Thai border. During the war period, Pailin was the last stronghold of the Khmer Rouge, and now it still has the most landmines in Cambodia. The residents of Pailin make a living by farming and cultivation. They are not well-educated and their incomes are low. Most of the children are not able to complete regular elementary courses. Moreover, most of the gospal resources are usually focused on some big cities in Cambodia, such as Phnom Penh, Battambang, Sihanoukville. Therefore, people in Pailin have not yet been able to enjoy these resources. AGS is developing school education and supporting the ministry in local churches. Bahuy is a resettlement village which is impoverished. Although it is only 7km away from Pailin,it has no proper access road, water and electricity supply. Since the United Nations had cleared the land mines in the area, AGS has been invited by the local government to build a primary school in the village, the Bahuy AGS Primary School

Future Plan

In view of, firstly, that the students in grade six have now graduated and are attending secondary school in Pailin which is 7 km away, secondly, the water and electricity supply are now in the development blue print of the village, and thirdly, the earnest request by the villagers, AGS has bought a piece of land adjacent to the right side of the existing school lot on which is being built a secondary school and kindergarten. Keeping abreast of the rapid change in environment, AGS will continue to serve and bless the villagers in this area.


Located in northeastern Cambodia, Ratanakiri literally means “The Mountain of Precious Stones”.It is 586 miles from Phnom Penh, with its capital at Banlung. It has a population of 100,000 that consists of 5 tribes and is considered as one of the poorest provinces in the country. On the other hand it is also ranked second in terms of development potential, because of its vast untapped natural resources, which includes gold and aluminum mining. AGS is supporting the ministry in the local Ratanakiri Love Church and also evangelism in the villages with the hope to preach the Good News to the poor, that the captives will be set free.

Future Plan

In view of the government’s plan to develop tourism in the province, the economic development is picking up pace rather quickly. AGS bought two pieces of vacant land before their prices skyrocket. These lands will be the site of a permanent church building to replace the existing shed that is used as venue for Sunday worship. There will also be a school that will feature a kindergarten and a primary school. The school will be built with the aim of elevating the poor from their extreme poverty, by providing them with quality education, to give them hope and potential for spiritual growth. The permanent structures will also provide space for discipleship training and social concern projects。

Phnom Penh

To support theological education,prison ministry,church ministry and school education. AGS is collaborating with a local church in Phnom Penh in operating a kindergarten – Joshua Academy, with the aim of evangelism through education, at the same time, empower the local church. The kindergarten started operation in May 2011, providing preschool education to children with the hope of bringing them to know Christ. Preschool education is not common in Cambodia. A child will only attend school when he/she is at the age of 6, Therefore, missing out on a very important period of preschool learning.。

Future Plan

Phnom Penh is the political and economical heartland of Cambodia. AGS has been serving there for more than 10 years but yet to have a permanent office of our own. In this connection it is our plan to purchase a property for this purpose, so it can act as the head office for our Cambodia ministry in support of the ministries in other provinces, to ensure the smooth running of the whole mission operation. It could also act as a Mission House, to cater for the accommodation need of our short-termers and could also be rented out to missionaries of other missions, so that it would not only be self sufficient financially, it could be a provider for our missions too.

Mission Items

High School Building Project in Pailin, Cambodia



2015 Alliance Global Serve Cambodia Bikeathon

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2017 Alliance Global Serve Cambodia Bikeathon

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2018 Alliance Global Serve Cambodia Bikeathon

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Purchase of Land

Fund-raising goals:
2.5 million HKD


2018 Building Lower Secondary School Block, Administration Block (classrooms, staff room and library), Hall, Playground and Community Centre

2019 Commencing to use the blocks, Admission of Grade 7

Building Upper Secondary School Block, Workshops, Soccer Court and Dormitories for Teachers and Students

The mission strategy of the Kowloon Tong Church of the CC&MA is to evangelize through establishing schools, and therefore Alliance Global Serve, being an organization that has grown from the denomination, has built Borhuy AGS Primary School and Kindergarten in Cambodia in the past decade. There have already been four years of graduates up till now, and the number of graduates is continuously growing.

There is an urgent need in building a Christian high school,
* so that not only can the graduates from the primary school …

  • continue their studies, and enhance their future career capability and opportunity, so that they can get rid of poverty;
  • have a stronger foundation in faith during their formative teenage years, so that they may become devoted Christians;

but they themselves, their families and their community could also be transformed by God’s grace as a result.

Fund-raising goals:

  1. Completion of Purchase of  Land. Area: 13,500 m2~2.5 million(Reached)
  2. Construction items (Land Survey, Design, Plans, Building) ~ HK$70 Million
  3. Operation (Administration, Facilities, Teaching Materials, Staff) ~ HK$10 Million

*Conservative estimates

Mission Items

A Schoolbag for Every Child

“Donate seven Hong Kong dollars a day to establish a child’s life.” In Cambodia, there are many families living in poverty that children are deprived of the opportunity to receive education. AGS believes that every child deserves to be educated, to be loved and to be nurtured. In light of this, AGS has established Bahuy AGS Primary School and Kindergarten in Pailin and Joshua Academy in Phnom Penh. Given the opportunities for education, the livelihood of the students can be improved in the long run. Students can get to know Jesus Christ that their lives can be transformed. It also let their parents understand the importance of education.

We invite you to join us as partner in the “One Schoolbag for one Child” sponsorship program, putting our beliefs into action. Every child sponsored will get a new school bag, necessary stationaries for use in a school year and a new pair of shoes. This provides children at school-age in poor areas a chance to go to school, and a chance for them to get out of poverty in the long run.

School fee donation: HK$200 per month or HK$2400 per year to support a child

Let’s support this education ministry and life building project. May the Lord bless you!

Let’s support education ministry in Cambodia.

Mission Items

Light-Up Programme