Cambodia Ministry


The Kingdom of Cambodia (formerly known as Khmer) borders Thailand to the west and north-west, Laos to the north-east, Vietnam to the east and south-east, and the Gulf of Siam to the south. Phnom Penh, the capital, has a population of about 16.68 million (2022).

Cambodia is a post-war reconstruction country. More than 80% of the population follows the national religion of Buddhism, and the need for evangelism is great. The Khmer Rouge’s coup d’état and civil war in the 1970’s caused the almost complete disappearance of the young and the intellectuals in the country, which caused indelible pain to Cambodians. The Kowloon Tong Church of the Chinese Christian & Missionary Alliance in Hong Kong has been involved in various reconstruction projects in the capital city of Phnom Penh as well as  in other provincial towns, such as land development and church building, school education, and seminary training. With the rapid economic development in Cambodia, most of the people are still living below the poverty line and the problem of children unable to go to school is serious. The Alliance Global Serve has inherited the work and serving spirit of the Department of Mission of Kowloon Church of the Chinese Christian & Missionary Alliance to continue developing the Education As Mission and opportunity to serve. The practice of Great Commission of “Sharing the Life-changing Good News of Jesus Christ to the Unreached” is being carried on in Pailin, Phnom Penh and Rattanakiri.

Cambodia Ministry

Introduction of Ministry

Church Planting

The epidemic seemed to disrupt plans for the entire year of 2020, but God wrote another script for our team to learn to check His timing and heart. The church in Pailin was successfully completed in September, testifying that the “Lighthouse Church” was established during this difficult time, highlighting the fact that the church is to serve as a beacon of light in difficult times, guiding people to the path of eternal life. On the day of the dedication ceremony, the university students, all the co-workers from Phnom Penh and International Members attended together to testify to the Lord’s grace. The university students shared their testimonies of salvation among many villagers and preached a sermon with hymns and drama, and the first fruits grew to be our inspiration. During the suspension of the “AGS Bahuy Primary School”, the teachers responded by going to the students’ home to conduct small group teaching. We experienced the impossible in this year and saw the grace of God everywhere.

Training Equipment

We had an unusual but gracious year in 2020, although all trips to the provinces nearly halted, we saw God’s plan and heart everywhere. Due to the epidemic, there were no more Short-Term Ministry teams from abroad after February, so we focused on equipping university students to establish their faith and learn evangelistic skills, and we established a university student fellowship in July. We were unable to travel to the provinces, so we turned to video training and sharing for fellow preachers and teachers from the provinces. We never expected to be more connected than ever.

Fundraising for the school

The volunteer engineering team for the high school project has been working tirelessly to revise the school plans so that the project can start with sufficient funds raised for construction. We look forward to the completion of the school in a year, when we will continue to transform lives through education and truth.

Inheriting Life

In 2021, we will continue to focus on building the school, improving the quality of our teachers’ teaching skill set, and strengthening the spiritual lives of our believers. The team in Phnom Penh will continue to nurture national co-workers and 9 sponsored university students in a spirit of holistic care. The pastors from other provinces will continue to deepen the Word of God, build a vital Christian community, live out the truth and lead people to know the Lord. This year there are 3 Short-Term Ministry volunteers serving students and churches locally. As the school ministry grows, we need to recruit more teachers who are passionate about education, and believers who love to preach and teach the Bible, to build up the Christian community in Cambodia. May the Lord’s will be done!